40th Annual Working and Learning Conditions Survey Needs You!

Working and Learning

Our Strength Rests in Numbers

The strength of our advocacy rests upon the contributions you can make to our collection of working and learning conditions data from around the province.

We sincerely appreciate the time and effort it takes to provide your local data to us. Your contributions enable the BCTLA to provide the most accurate and compelling case for continued increases in local and site funding of library learning commons, needed Teacher-librarians allocated hours, and the impact your work as T-Ls provides the greater public education community.

Follow the link provided here to enter your site’s data – thank you!

This important survey collects information on the conditions under which teacher-librarians work in this province. The data is turned into reports which can be used in local and provincial advocacy efforts. Previous year’s reports can be found online at¬†https://bctla.ca/member-services/working-learning-conditions/.

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