Important Dates

  • 1939: BC School Librarians’ Association founded
  • 1958: The BC School Librarians’ Association begins publishing The Bookmark journal
  • 1976: The Ministry of Education “Sources and Resources” project begins to develop a Handbook for BC school library professionals
  • 1978: In Vancouver, Ken Haycock and others develop a new term—”teacher-librarian”—to describe the professional in the school library and express the teaching role of the school librarian
  • 1981: The annual Working and Learning Conditions surveys begin
  • 1983: Name changed to BC Teacher-Librarians’ Association
  • 1986: BCTLA publishes Fuel for Change: Cooperative Program Planning and Teaching
  • 1987: BCTLA submits a brief to the Royal Commission on Education
  • 1990: Developing Independent Learners: The Role of the School Library Resource Centre is published by the Ministry of Education
  • 1991: Literature Connections: The Teacher and Teacher-Librarian Partnership is published by the Ministry of Education
  • 2000: BCTLA publishes The Research Quest
  • 2011: BCTLA publishes The Points of Inquiry: A Framework for Information Literacy and the 21st-Century Learner
  • 2014: BCTLA publishes From School Library to Library Learning Commons: A Pro-Active Model for Educational Change

Past Presidents

BCSLA Presidents
1939-1940Muriel Carruthers
1940-1941Margaret (Rathie) Ginther
1941-1942Jean Woodrow
1942-1943Margaret Cook
1943-1944Jean (Witbeck) Vick
1944-1945Mary Coleman
1945-1946Cordy Mackay & Myrtle Batchelor
1946-1947Myrtle Batchelor
1947-1949Lucy Howell
1949-1951Margaret Murray
1951-1953Hilda Smith
1953-1955Christine Sutherland
1955-1957Josie MacDonald
1957-1958May Martin
1958-1959Dorothy McLellan
1959-1960Dorothy Williams
1960-1961Marion Wylie
1961-1962Ed Burchak
1962-1963Harry Newsom
1963-1964Grace d’Arcy
1964-1965Mary Coggin
1965-1966Ed Albrecht
1966-1967Robert Brown
1967-1968Margaretta Rice
1968-1969Alan Fraser
1969-1970Elsie Wagner
1970-1971Roger Behn
1971-1972Fran Sbrocchi
1972-1973Gerry Constable
1973-1974Mel Rainey
1974-1976Angela Thacker
1976-1977Blair Greenwood
1977-1978Doug Trounce
1978-1979Mel Maglio
1979-1980Glen Pinch
1980-1982William Scott
1982-1983Alan Knight
BCTLA Presidents
1983-1984Alan Knight
1984-1986Liz Austrom
1986-1988Barbara Hall
1988-1990Diana Poole
1990-1992Patricia Finlay
1992-1994Kristina Nellis
1994-1995Judith Kootte
1995-1998Gerald Soon
1998-2001Mark Roberts
2001-2003Joan Eaton & Kay Treadgold
2003-2005Mary Locke
2005-2007Pat Parungao
2008-2009Bonnie McComb & Heather Daly
2009-2017Heather Daly
2017-2018Jessica Bonin
2018-2022Kristie Oxley
2022-PresentTammy Le