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Advocacy Resources Developed by BC Teacher-Librarians

We are all working in trying times, often spending long days just trying to maintain our existence, never-mind be world-class teachers. Many of our colleagues are under strain and threat of cuts. We can lose heart. Despite the too frequent stresses confronted by professional teacher-librarians, a few colleagues raise the bar of professionalism and resist the odds.

Richmond Librarians

  • Video: SD 38 Innovative Libraries – an examination on the evolution of the library.
    This video is part of a feature for Canadian School Libraries.  SD38 is committed to supporting literacy and Library Learning Commons. Every school in the district has a trained Teacher Librarian, and the district also has a large, staffed District Resource Center to further support schools with materials, books, educational technology and extensive digital resources. In addition, this year, each SD38 high school was equipped with a 3D printer. Finally, each year the SD38 school district invites school libraries to apply for Library Learning Commons Innovation Grants. These grants support Teacher Librarians as they shift their libraries to better meet the needs of 21st century learners. These grants can be used to shift pedagogy, support collaboration, introduce new technology, re-envision learning spaces and update resources. The attached video highlights the Library Learning Commons Innovation Grants from the 2017-2018 school year.

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