Conference Materials

BCTLA October 2019 Conference Materials

Surrey, BC

Key Note Presentation –

Presentation Session Materials
OMG! I Have to Teach Bibliographies 

Presented by Sarah Wethered 


Full notes from the presentation available: 

Access Here 


BCTLA October 2018 Conference Materials

Richmond, BC

Keynote Presentation – Toni Samek – video and slides – Here

Presentation Session Materials
A Virtual Library Learning Commons – Yes, You Can Do It!

Presented by Joanie Proske and Caleigh Jecks


PPT with speakers’ notes available:

Download Here

Coding Unplugged: No Screens, No Worries!

Presented by Sheri Kinney


PPT notes available:

Download Here

Supporting materials Here

Creating Safe and Inclusive LGBTQ+ Spaces in the School Library

Presented by Christopher Knapp


PPT notes available:

Download Here

Support Materials Here

Embark on a Heritage Inquiry!

Presented by Sarah McLeod and Sarah Ibister

Workshop Handout Here
Evaluating Resources Using the CRAAP Method

Presented by Kathy Miller

Evaluation handout Here

Support Materials Here

Facing the Challenge of Being a New(ish) Teacher-Librarian

Presented by Emiline Downs

PPT notes available:

Download Here

Fake News

Presented by Jennifer Weisner

Livebinder Here
Library Advisory Councils – Getting Teens Actively Involved in Charting Your Course

Presented by Joanie Proske

PPT with speakers’ notes available:

Download Here

Library Supported Inquiry

Presented by Martha Cameron, Leigh Husieff and Maureen McDonough

PPT notes available:

Download LSI Handout

Practical Ideas and Workable Solutions for Integrating MakerEd & Digital Creation in the LLC

Presented by Ann Crossland

Website from presentation

Available Here

OMG! I Have to Teach Bibliographies

Presented by Sarah Wethered

PPT notes available:

Download Here

Support Materials Here

Transformational Storytelling

2018 BCTLA Summer Institute
August 26-27 2018
Kamloops, BC

A link t the entire conference summary can be found at – 2018 BCTLA Summer Institute Resources.

Oral Stories and Traditions (Secwepemc Culture) Core Competency PBs (Links to Core Competency specific titles)
Indigenous Book Title Tasting Book Tasting Menu (Hyperlink)

Indigenous Book Title Template (Hyperlink)

A Visible Thinking Strategy: Connect, Extend, Challenge (Innovation Grant Project) Presenter Bios (pdf)

Innovation Grant Project Storytelling Presentation(.pptx download)

Legends that Teach: Roxane and Kenthen’s Presentation(pptx. download)

Heroic Efforts

2016 BCTLA Provincial Conference
October 21, 2016
Burnaby, BC

Leisbet Beaudry French Language Resources For The New Curriculum (.pptx download)
Cathy Fowler Storytelling In The Learning Commons (link)
Dayna Hart An Overview Of Virtual Field Trips (.pptx) & Virtual Field Trips Poster (pdf)
Martha Cameron,
Leigh Husieff &
Maureen McDonough
Library Supported Inquiry (link to site) &
Handout (pdf)
Gwyneth Jones (link to all presentations)
Kelly Kipp Passion Projects! A Magical Mix Of Collaboration, Genius Hour,
And The Points of Inquiry
Lisa Nerpio & Brenda Hain Creating A Community Of Readers (pdf)
Picture Book Award: Ideas (pdf) & Overview (pdf) & Aboriginal Resource Bulk Order List (pdf) & Picture Book Awards Forms: Sign Out (xlsx) & Small Medal (pdf) & Large Medal (pdf) &
BCTF 100 Books Materials: Poster (pdf) & Ballot (pdf) & Speed Book Review Materials: Book Talk (pdf) & Self Assessment (pdf)
Wynter Oakes Supporting Implementation of the Re-Designed Curriculum Through The Library Learning Commons (pptx download)
Liz Schulze Civic Engagement In The Digital Age (pdf)
Phyllis Simon Fresh New Books To Enrich Your Libraries (link)
Dominique Sullivan Google Classroom for Beginners (link)
Dominique Sullivan &
Megan Fulgueras
Introduction To Coding K-12 (link)
Wendy Traas Pop-Up Makerspaces In The Library (pptx download) & Presentation Passport (pdf)
Sarah Wethered &
Janis Bridger
Moving Toward A Learning Commons (pptx download) & Why Move Toward A Learning Commons? Summary (pdf) & Advocating For Middle School Library Learning Commons (pptx download)
Trina Zuyderduyn  Spread The (Spoken) Word: Celebrating Culture In The Learning Commons (pptx download) & Resource Links (pdf)

Charting New Paths

2015 BCTLA Provincial Conference
October 23, 2015
Surrey, BC

Leisbet Beaudry Developing An Elementary French Learning Commons (.docx)
Richard Beaudry Freedom of Expression & Intellectual Freedom In School Libraries (.pdf)
Jessica Bonin Minecraft: Digging Into A World of Creativity (link) & Geocaching: A Worldwide Treasure Hunt (pdf)
Martha Cameron & Maureen McDonough Library Skills & Knowledge To Take You From High School to College (.pptx)
Amanda Chura Promoting The School Library: Collaborative Ideas (link)
Anna Crosland Georges Vanier Learning Commons (link)
Michelle Davis The Virtual Learning Commons (link)
Lisa Domeier De Suarez Makerspaces Demystified (link to presentation on Dropbox)
Emiline Downs New To The Library? This Workshop Is For You (.ppsx)
Moira Ekdahl Kristin Fontichiaro In Summary (.docx) & Inquiry Teacher Start-Up Package (link) & From School Libraries to Library Learning Commons: Magazine format (link) & From School Libraries to Library Learning Commons: Magazine format (link) & Points of Inquiry: Magazine format (link)
Deborah Hodge Classroom Activities for Teachers (link)
Michelle Labonte & Leanne Berry Maker Education Ideas (.pdf) & Not A Stick Activity Handout (.docx)
Kathy Leko, Emiline Downs, Dawne Murray & Leigh Husieff And The Winner Is…: Developing A Young Readers’ Choice Program (.pptx)
Val Martineau & Liz Sansoucy-Jones Advocacy (.pptx) & Sample Board Presentation (.ppt) & Tips Pamphlet (.pdf)
Lori Sherritt-Fleming Building a “Living Library” (.pdf)
Phyllis Simon BCTLA Conference 2015 Fiction (link) & BCTLA Conference 2015 Non-Fiction (link) & BCTLA Conference 2015 Picturebooks (link)
Dominique Sullivan Turning your Library from a Tech Zero to a Tech Hero (link) & Technology Barriers and Considerations (.pdf) & Manifesto for 21st Century Teacher-Librarians (link) & Imagine the Possibilities (video) & Cybersmart: Staying Safe Online (link to book purchase site)
Jennifer Tieche Indigenizing the Library Learning Commons (link)
Hazel Turner LibGuides Presentation (.pptx) & Additional Resources
Sandra Walther Linking ELL to the Learning Commons  (link) &  Presentation Resources (link)
Curtis Wiebe Coding, Makerspaces, Apps, Digital Citizenship (link) & Curtis’s Professional Connection Site (link)
Trina Zuyderduyn Human Libraries: A How-To Guide for TLs (link)

Whet N’ Wild in Rainy Haney

2013 BCTLA Provincial Conference
October 25, 2013
Maple Ridge, BC

Dr. Joanne De Groot,  Dr Jennifer Branch &
Miriam Gilbert
Real Life Literacy and Digital Citizenship PowerPoint presentation & The Rules of the Road video
Philip Balcaen Keynote pdf presentation
Heather Daly Making Sense of Copyright Law pdf presentation & Making Sense of Copyright Law webinar

We’re In! Inquire, Inspire, Innovate

2012 BCTLA Provincial Conference
October 18-19, 2012
Coquitlam, BC

Deborah Hodge Teacher’s Guide links
Lisa Domeier de Suarez Twitter: Best Pro‐D Ever in 140 Characters presentation & Digital Storytelling with iPads presentation
Jean Prevost Inquiry for K-5 Students: Curious Minds Want to Know glog
Angela Monk &
Martha Cameron
Library to Learning Commons presentation
Karen Ferguson Inspire Reading notesheet
Gordon Powell Ressources numériques en français site & Worldbook and EBSCO Host: A Research Dynamic Duo site
Stephanie Argent, Emiline Downs & Maureen McDonough Make Your Library Say “WOW!”:
resource links | learning commons
Adrienne Gear Great New Books – Great New Lessons (Primary) book list & Great New Books – Great New Lessons (Intermediate) book list
Joanie Proske Keep Calm and Carry On: Managing Your Secondary School Library wiki
Aaron Mueller E‐Books, E‐Readers and School Libraries slides
Bonnie McComb &
Joan Saunders
The Power of Choice: Book Clubs Work in Secondary School: presentation (ppt) | guidebook
Dr. Joanne De Groot Participatory Culture… video of session and handouts & Inspiring Readers: Innovative Ideas for Developing a Reading Culture LiveBinder
Dr. Anne Ewbank Advocacy, Action, and Answers: Building Influence for the Teacher‐Librarian: presentation (ppt) | dependency map handout (ppt) | worksheet
Chris Kennedy “Leading from the Library” Keynote video of session & What a Teacher Makes video (used in presentation)

Reaching Out…

2011 BCTLA Provincial Conference
October 20-22, 2011
Burnaby, BC

Doug Johnson Keynote and Session Materials
Gordon Powell The “Swiss Army” Teacher-Librarian and other session materials
Nicola Kuhn Evidence-Based Practice &Practice What You Teach… article
Lisa Domeier de Suarez & Jennifer McLean Are You Irreplaceable? Innovate and Save Your Job! & Library Science for the Future
Sylvia Zubke Is This What a Learning Commons Looks Like at an Elementary School?
Alison Hewitt Guiding Inquiry & Sharing the Process (join and contribute!)
Jean Prevost & Anita Ko Getting There: First Steps toward Developing a Culture of Inquiry in an Elementary School
Deborah Hodge True Stories, Well Told: Researching and Writing Engaging Nonfiction for Children (classroom activities available on Deborah’s website)
Crystal Stranaghan Integrating Technology (Smartphones, iPads & Other Gadgets) into your Classroom or Library
Angela Monk The 35 Best Web 2.0 Classroom Tools: Prezi, Glogs, Blogs, Museum Box, Popplets and more! Agenda and Examples


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