Book Challenges

BCTLA Book Challenge Statement

Diversity and Freedom to Read in the Library Learning Commons (LLC). Download here.

Book Challenge Resources

Centre for Free Expression (CFE) Library Challenges Database

The CFE Library Challenges Database provides access to challenges Canadian libraries have faced to items in their collection, and to displays, programs, room usage, and computer access. For each challenge, the database provides information about the challenge, including (1) the item, the nature of the objection, and the requested remedy; (2) (where available) the record of the review of the challenged item undertaken by the library; (3) the library’s response. The database will begin with public libraries but will be expanded to include school libraries, academic libraries, and government libraries.

Use this form to report book challenges to the CFE.

Canadian School Libraries (CSL) Selection Guidelines and Reconsideration Procedures

Canadian Federation of Library Associations (CFLA) Statement on Intellectual Freedom and Libraries

Freedom of Expression Rights and the School Library Article by Dianne Oberg (Freedom to Read [FTR])

American Library Association (ALA) Challenge Support

CFE Book Challenge Database Webinar -February 23, 2023

Guest Presenters: Jim Turk, Director, Centre for Free Expression & Ange Holmes, Coordinator, Centre for Free Expression

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