Mission and Goals

Current BCTLA Program

The objectives of this non-profit provincial specialist association shall be to support and communicate with members and subscribers; and to develop high standards of library programs and services in British Columbia schools by:

1. Improving learning and working conditions.
2. Providing professional development and materials.
3. Highlighting standards of practice and developing shared understandings.
4. Acting as a hub for ideas, trends, and innovations.
5. Encouraging the development and acquisition of quality learning resources and tools.
6. Supporting and encouraging the attainment of specialist qualifications.
7. Liaising with other associations and federations to pursue common goals.
8. Communicating with post-secondary facilities that provide teacher education.
9. Proposing policy positions to the BCTF and other appropriate agencies.
10. Advocating, through the BCTF, for Ministry of Education support and recognition.