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BCTLA Recommendations for Access to LLC Resources to Meet COVID-19 Requirments

The BCTLA recognizes that Library Learning Commons’ (LLC) spaces and programs continue
to look different to meet the current Government health requirements. Further, we recognize that
changing Government guidelines may necessitate changes to these spaces and programs
throughout the year. We encourage all teacher-librarians to meet with their administration team
and, in a spirit of collaboration, develop procedures for reopening LLC spaces and programs in
a way that ensures student and staff safety.

Current Covid-19 Information
The following information is specific to BC:
● “At this time, there is no evidence that the COVID-19 virus is transmitted via textbooks,
paper or other paper-based products. As such, there is no need to limit the distribution or
sharing/return of books or paper-based educational resources to students because of
● “Laminated or glossy paper-based products (e.g. books, magazines, worksheets, etc.)
and items with plastic covers (e.g. DVDs) are low risk items. Regular book browsing and
circulation processes can occur as normal. There is no need to clean, disinfect or
quarantine these items for any period of time.”
● “Schools should install a barrier made of transparent material at the library check out
desk if physical distance cannot be regularly maintained.”
ng-orderly/k-12-covid-19-health-safety-guidlines.pdf (updated October 2021)
* Please note: BC
Government Health and Safety guidelines are frequently updated. Regularly checking online
for updates is recommended.

Library Learning Commons Spaces
When setting up and using your LLC, consider the size of your space, and how many students
and staff can safely be in your space while adhering to physical distancing and physical contact
requirements. You may also want to consider:

● offering ‘virtual’ support to classes from your LLC utilizing district-approved video
conferencing platforms such as MS Teams or Google Meets
● setting up chairs spaced apart for physical distancing of students during LLC
● having students return to sit on the same chairs after book selection
● making your checkout desk wider to maintain a safe physical distance, for example, by
adding an extra table or chair. A transparent barrier for the LLC check-out desk should
also be installed.
● scheduling visits so your doorway is used in one direction at a time. If you have 2 or
more doors consider separate entry and exit points.
● closing sitting areas to students and staff unless needed for classes attending lessons
● reminding teachers to have students wash or sanitize hands prior to coming to the LLC
and before returning to the classroom
● placing fun markers on your floor to show safe physical distances and placing arrows to
show direction to access library shelves.
● asking the teacher to bring library bags to the LLC when the class comes and have them
spread them out for the students so that books may be placed directly in the bags by
students before they leave the LLC
● having students scan their own LLC resources using a secured scanner, or holding them
so you can scan them from a distance
● setting rules on how commonly used items in the LLC such as photocopiers or printers
can be accessed safely
● having students bring their own learning supplies, such as pens, erasers, scissors, etc.,
with them to the LLC
● using signage, bookmarks and websites to share new guidelines for use of LLC
resources and space
● creating a document or presentation to explain to staff, students and families how to
access the online catalogue, place holds (if possible) and pick up LLC resources.
● reminding staff and students to wear masks within the LLC

Please contact your BCTF Local should you have questions or concerns.

Awards and Grant Nominations 2022

Image from Pixabay https://pixabay.com/photos/books-man-person-businessman-3205452/

Do you know of an amazing teacher-librarian that deserves recognition for all their hard work, especially during this time of pandemic? Check out the Awards & Grants page to see more details about the many opportunities for recognition. The BCTLA also offers grants to individuals and chapters that are working towards improving their teacher-librarianship practices and policies, and need funds to make it happen. Click on the this link to fill out a nomination form or grant application: https://form.jotform.com/213625811156250 (Deadline: March 15, 2022).

Work and Learning Conditions Survey 2022

It’s that time of year where we ask our teacher-librarian colleagues to please fill out the Work and Learning Conditions Survey for the BCTLA. The information coalited from here helps us to create position statements about the needs of teacher-librarians across the province and to advocate for you and your library learning commons programs. We ask that chapter councilors pass this link on to all their district colleagues. The more teacher-librarians that complete this survey, the better picture we have of provincial issues and concerns. Thanks in advance for your participation!

https://form.jotform.com/213385694452059 (Deadline: February 7, 2022)

Emergency BCTLA Conference Link

Currently the conference website has crashed for all PSAs. We had to remove the direct link as our Zoom meeting was hacked. Our conference and tech guru, Joseph Jeffrey is working madly to get the other links available to presenters and participants, so your patience is appreciated.

EDIT: Hopefully, you were able to receive the document with all the direct links to workshop sessions. If you didn’t get it, please ask a TL colleague for help as we don’t want a repeat of what happened this morning by posting it on social media.

The updated schedule:

Session 1 10:20-11:05

Session 2 11:15-12:00

Lunch 12:00-1:00

Vendor Session 1:00-1:45

Keynote: Jael Richardson 2:00-3:00

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